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Product Name: Soy filling machine
Product Type: Other Intermediates
Product spec: 1
Packing: 1
Valid Period: 2023-11-28
Description: Soy filling machine Jinan Dongtai has been known for its product quality, our automatic packaging machine is to obtain the approval of many customers, the Dongtai automatic packaging machine customers encouraged better improve automatic packaging customers because Dongtaimachine to achieve a more effective growth.Filling Machine Product Deion: xj145dt Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect. Machine name :SAUCE FILLING MACHINE Machine type: KLG2 Principle features: This machine adopts photoelectric automatic control system, a unique piston-type filling form, not only a continuous filling, but also free filling. Horizontal mixing structure, and ensure the full mix butter and oil, greatly improve the performance and measurement accuracy of filling. the machine is design mainly for the food industry sauce into separate bottles , especially suitable for seasoning, and the concentration of larger particles with a chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame, jam, butter pot at the end of material, marked oil pot at the end of material viscous material such as sauce filling. 1, suitable for large particles, chili sauce and the hot potseasoning materials etc such as sauce; 2, filling speed, the fastest 1000ml / s; 3, ensure butter and oil can fully mixed filling; 4, no gas supply, saving energy; 5, simple structure, easy maintenance; 6, all stainless steel production, health and safety. Technical parameters: Working speed :30-40 times / min Capacity measurement :100-500 ml (g) ,500-1500 ml (g) Quantitative error: ± 2% Supply voltage: 380V 1500W and 550W Dimension: 1400mm × 600mm × 1200mm Machine Weight: 250KG
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